Online Marketing VS Print Advertising

Several years ago, it was by far a better idea to invest most of your money in Print Advertising, especially for small Businesses. But now it has changed and Online Marketing is a great option too for every Business. One of the reasons is because the Internet Users have increased a lot.

The birth of the Internet was on 1969, but it was very limited and small yet. That's why until around 1983 was when really various to consider the Internet born, because the Internet connection got bigger due several improvements. Despite it, the Internet User % in the world was less than 1%. But , on 1991 the creation of the World Wide Web (www) together the first Website helped to the Internet to become very popular, increasing the # of users very fast each year. See chart below.

Internet Users in the World

Globally the Internet users are increasing very fast. By 2015 around 40% of the world population has Internet. But in the United States this percent is much higher, in the United States the percent is around 87%, it means almost everybody in the United States has Internet Connection now. And if you live in the United States and has a small business you could have a lot of benefits if you invest in Online Marketing.

For big Companies is recommended focus more in Online Marketing, anyway Print Advertising is still very useful. But, for Small-Medium Sized Business is recommended a balanced combination of both.

Each Business is different, but here are some examples about how you could focus your Marketing.

  • For face-to-face: you could use Business Cards, Car Door Magnets, Banners, Window Decals, Brochures, Yard Signs, etc.

    Reasons: because it is great for presentation and normally is not a big investment.

  • For areas where you know there are potential customers: you could use Flyers, Postcards, Door Hangers, Posters, mail marketing, etc.

    Reasons: because you know a good percent will be really interested and will read it, and short term is a quick way to attract new customers because it is a kind of remainder or maybe they never thought on get this kind of services, but maybe it is something they really need.

  • For growing your business: you could use Online Marketing Strategies such as a Professional Website, adding your Business in Business Directories, E-mail Marketing, Online Ads, creating Social Networking sites, etc.

    Reasons: you are able to reach a wider audience than Print Advertising, is vastly more effective to target a specific segment of the population, has measurable results, it goes wherever the consumer goes, and long term is much cheaper.

Conclusion: traditional Marketing such as Print Advertising was the best option for a lot of time, but with the advances of the Technology, Online Marketing have become a great option too, and in most cases it is a much better option than Print Advertising. It is recommended to analyze all the options and make a balanced combination of both, based in your kind of Business.