Internet and Web History

This is a brief History about why, how, and when born the Internet and the Web (www). The Internet like many inventions began as the solution to a problem. It began because the government wanted to find a way to link several computer networks together so that files could be shared.

Internet and Web
The birth of the Internet was on 1969 when the first node was created by “ARPANET”, but it was very limited and small yet. After that, various projects started to improve the Internet. In 1971 was invented the E-mails, one of the great improvements. But until around 1983 was when really various to consider the Internet born because was developed the “Name Server” and one year before the TCP/IP. It helped to connect the computers better and more easily. These creations made the Internet gets bigger.

But although the Internet got bigger and the way of connect to other computers improved a lot, we had not a very good way to share the information yet, until the creation of the Web. On 1991 was the most important development to date. The creation of the World Wide Web (www) together the first Website by CERN (Tim Berners-Lee developer).

The Web grew and got better so quickly. In the early days of the Web, most Companies were creating just Static Websites to share general information about their Companies. But now most Websites are more complex and useful because they have Dynamic Content connected to big databases and can manage a lot of information with their Websites. In addition, they can have amazing graphics, videos, animations, etc.

Conclusion: the Internet together the Web are one of the most important technology developments in the last decades, and today we can to create since a simple Static Website until a Complex Dynamic Website or Web Application with a amazing presentation.